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Are you a Small Business Owner, Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Are you struggling to make an impact with your online business?

Do you feel disorganized and unproductive?

Do you want to get unstuck and start growing your business?

I believe I can help!

Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, the fact is: you’ve got a lot on your plate!

You’re blessed with more freedom, yes, but you’re also carrying a heavy load of responsibilities on your shoulders.

You’ve got more thinking / more organizing / more planning / more executing to do than a person with a conventional job and that can easily become overwhelming.

My job is to help you carry and lighten that extra load by developing strategies to generate:

Out-of-the-box thinking.

A more efficient workflow.

Goal-oriented planning.

More productive execution.

I support you and your business through a series of sessions where we explore new strategies and solution-oriented ideas that will help you launch and maximize the presence of your business online.

If this content resonates with you, I’d like to offer you a 1-hour (free of charge and non-binding) session to explore how I could best assist you with your business.

Contact Me

My name is Nicolas and I’ve been working remotely as a freelance web designer and consultant for the last 15 years. I’ve encountered and overcome a multitude of complex problems related to remote working and self-discipline over the years.

I’ve studied a myriad of productivity strategies and hacks and learned the hard way so I can help others save time and energy while growing their business.

Before you go, here’s a list of resources that might be helpful to you:

  • The War of Art by Shawn Coyne is a short and powerful book that helps us understand where resistance comes from and how to effectively defeat it. The book was originally written for writers, but the concepts it pushes forward apply perfectly to content creators, entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Notion, a note-taking app that does so much more than saving your notes. You can organize your content through a wide variety of templates in a Wikipedia kind of way, relating items to one another and developing your own flexible structure.
  • Ebiz Weekly, A mailing list packed with tips, insights and opportunities to make money online.
  • The Reward is the Problem, my Medium piece where I dig into the topic of Dopamine Detox.

Feel free to contact me today so we can set up a call and see how I can best assist you.